Australia has some of the most outstanding coastline on the planet, and at the most recent count, 10,685 beaches, many of which are astoundingly beautiful, and often unexplored and untouched.
As the vast majority of Australians also live close to the coast, the beach – and the most popular activity there, surfing – is integral to their cultural identity. The climate is also conducive to spending time on the beach – in summer you can cool off (a few degrees or so!) in the ocean breeze, in winter it’s milder, the ideal temperature for a longer walk than you would in the heat. Many go to the beach simply to relax and enjoy a bag of fish and chips or an ice cream. Others surf the waves pounding in from the ocean, or kite-surf along the sands, or stand on rocks braving the waves to catch fish for dinner. Others cook dinner at a free beachside barbecue, and eat it on or overlooking the beach. Whatever you choose to do, the beach is a big part in many Australians’ lives. Add in the warm, mostly sunny climate and it’s not hard to see why so many enjoy an active, outdoor lifestyle.
The big cities all have their prime beaches which always draw the crowds – Sydney has Bondi and Manly, Melbourne St Kilda and Brighton, Perth has Cottesloe, Adelaide has Glenelg. There are so many outstanding beaches among the other 10,679, with the likes of Cable Beach in Broome, WA, Whitehaven in Queensland’s Whitsundays Islands and Garie Beach in the Royal National Park on a par with anything else you could hope to see around the world.

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